Nonintrusive Pipe Installations throughout the Maritime Provinces

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental issues are of great importance in today's world. Horizontal Boring (Directional Drilling) has provided us with the opportunity to provide our customers with another option to pipe installation. We deal with various types of installation using 2" to 24" HDPE Pipe. Directional Drilling helps to reduce many issues that can arise when digging.

Underground Installation

When Sussex Excavators (2010) Ltd is called upon to do a job that requires underground installation, we feel ready for any contingency with our 4 Vermeer Drills, each a different size. We can drill under highways, brooks, rivers (with government approval) and lawns without disturbing pavement or water. We have used our drill to install conduit under streets for such tasks as connecting street lights and water and sewer services, as well as laying fibre optic cable. You can rely on Sussex Excavators (2010) Ltd for all types of construction services and installations, including:

  • Drilling
  • Curb Sides
  • Sidewalks
  • Pipe Fusion
  • Pipe Laying

Rock Breakers

We are experienced in laying pipe as large as 18" in diameter and breaking rock using our rock breaker attachments for heavy equipment. You will find photos of various projects we have finished on this site.

Skilled Employees

We are proud of our well trained and skilled employees, who make every effort to get each job done to the customer's satisfaction.

Safety Is Our Priority

Health and safety are very important to our company. We are in good standing with NBCSA and our safety manual is always available.

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