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Pipe Fusion Services in the Maritime Provinces

Sussex Excavators (2010) Ltd in Sussex also provides pipe fusion services. Pipe (butt) fusion is a process used to join two different pieces of thermoplastic pipe (fusible PVC & HDPE) or fittings (bends & tees). This process involves heating both pieces simultaneously and pressing them together. The two pieces then cool together and form a permanent bond. The bond formed is stronger than the pipe itself, which is desired when dealing with pipe under pressure.

In situations where the pipe fusion machine is unable to get access to the pipe (ex. confined space), the alternative method of electric fusion can be done. This method consists of using a portable electric fuser, fusible coupling and a generator. The coupling goes over the thermoplastic pipes or fittings; the fuser is connected to the coupling which heats inside the coupling and form a bond with the pipes/fittings to the coupling. The bond formed using electric fusion is just as strong as butt fusion method.

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